Coronavirus cases continue to climb in France, with new confirmed infections rising Thursday to a new daily record of almost 10,000. But France isn’t the only European country facing an uptick in cases. FRANCE 24 correspondents in Brussels, London, Berlin, Rome, Madrid and Lesbos report on the state of play across the Continent.

In “eerily empty” Brussels, Dave Keating tells us about the rising number of cases in Belgium, a nexus for international travel in Europe and a country that is “still taking this crisis very seriously”.

How concerns about economic growth stalled attempts to tackle Covid-19

In London, Bénédicte Paviot tells us about the new “Rule of Six” banning gatherings of more than six people from Monday in England to contain the spread of coronavirus there. The British government is already fielding questions from journalists about whether Christmas will be “cancelled”.

In Berlin, Nick Spicer tells us about the situation in Germany, a “stand-out student in the European classroom thanks to its science-based approach” to managing the coronavirus crisis and the leadership of Chancellor Angela Merkel, a scientist herself. Some say, however, that the country may be a victim of its own success as a movement continues to grow that is seeking to halt anti-coronavirus measures in Germany.

Coronavirus : Rome, ville sous cloche - Le Point

In Rome, Seema Gupta tells us how the situation is progressing in Italy, the first country in Europe to come face-to-face with the coronavirus pandemic. Six months on, case numbers are growing again, too, but not as quickly as some of its neighbours. Many parents are nevertheless concerned as they contemplate sending their children back to school after a long hiatus.

In Madrid, Sarah Morris tells us about Covid-19 precautions being taken in the Spanish capital, which has become the epicentre of rising cases in the country and even across Europe as the threat of a second wave looms. Spain is the first country in Europe to surpass the 500,000 mark in terms of total coronavirus cases.

In Lesbos, Greece, Nathalie Savaricas tells us about the surge in Greek coronavirus cases over the summer and the measures being put into place to stem the spread, including free face masks for kindergarten children.